Display Albums Carousel

Display Album Covers in Carousel

Simply display your Google Photo Album covers in a carousel using the shortcode below.
[cws_gpp_albums_gphotos access=own theme=carousel dots=1 slidestoshow=3 slidestoscroll=1 autoplay=1 arrows=1 results_page=results-carousel show_details=1 show_title=1 num_results=6 hide_albums='Profile Photos,Auto Backup']

Displaying Images in Album

To display the images within the clicked album you must use a second shortcode [cws_gpp_images_in_album_gphotos] on another page, and use the slug from that second page in results_page option.

Carousel Settings


Navigation dots can be enabled or disabled using options dots=1 and dots=0 respectively.


Navigation arrows can be enabled or disabled using options arrows=1 and arrows=0 respectively.

Slides to Show

Number of slides to show can be set using option slidestoshow=3.

Slides to Scroll

Number of slides to scroll can be set using option slidestoscroll=1.


The carousel can be set to autoplay by using option autoplay=1.