Album by ID Style2

Display images by album id

Simply display the images in an album by specifying the album id. The above masonry powered image grid was created using the shortcode below.
[cws_gpp_images_by_albumid_gp id="AGu1zY8roE2B7qPghetIm3iSl1YNylMY0HTVYz2yvYinI_rIWrYXfcY" theme=grid fx=style2 show_title=1 crop=1]

Hover Effects

The hover effects are defined by the fx=style2 option. Current possible values are fx=style1, fx=style2 or fx=style3

Grid Dynamically Adjusts to Browser Window Size

Resize your browser window to see the grid re-arrange it’s shape.

Control Display of Title

The image title can be hidden using options show_title=0.

Touch Sensitive Lightbox

The lightbox is powered by the wonderful PhotoSwipe and supports basic gestures, flick to the next or previous image, spread to zoom in, drag to pan, pinch to zoom out or close, tap to toggle the controls, double-tap to zoom. It also included social sharing, native HTML5 full screen and keyboard access to navigate and close the galleries. If a description has been added in Google Photos it will be displayed at the bottom of the lightbox.